Welcome to our blog! We’re a husband and wife team that started this site to share our knowledge of all things money-related while simultaneously improving our own finances. We’ve been married for almost 4 years now living happily at home with our fur-baby, Darla.

Our journey started about nine years ago when we met at college in the library when writing a paper for our History class Freshman year.  We had a wonderful college experience – our school had excellent academics, professors, and school spirit! We both received degrees in education, but our career paths changed to finance. Though our degrees don’t reflect our careers, we both feel strongly that we are able to use what we learned to effectively educate others.

We decided to launch this blog because over the years we have been an all-star team working together to save money and always having our finances aligned with our goals.  Since we got married, we made it a point to sit down every year and plan for the future while keeping track of current spending. We have never had credit card or any debt since we got married besides our house mortgage payment (we’ve never missed a payment). We are moved in to our second home – we were able to save a lot after purchasing our first home at the age of 22, so we wanted to upgrade to a bigger house in a nicer area. We wanted to share our thoughts about the financial processes we developed over the years.  Even though there are plenty of other blogs out there that are similar in nature, we hope that you like our approach and guidance!

Our goal is to meet and assist others who share the same passion for saving money and want to be in control of their financial future.

Again, welcome to our blog and please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask any questions at schoolofsaving@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you!