Frugal Friday: How I Saved $200 on a New Laptop!

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Technology is a wonderful thing – that is – until it breaks. Though it’s frustrating to have to shell out money to purchase a new item, like a new laptop, it’s always is a good feeling when you’re saving money!

It’s been about six years since my purchase of my 17″ Hewlett-Packard (HP) laptop, which has served me well, but it was time to get a new one! It started to freeze, not to mention boot times and programs took forever to load. As a result, I started looking at what was available on the market.  I did a lot of research for months on what laptop I should purchase and decided to get the Microsoft Surface Book! It’s usually hard to get discounts for both Microsoft and Apple because they both have such great products.

How I Saved $200 on a New Laptop

Microsoft is currently running a sale on their website for $1,299 (Original Price: $1,499) for the Surface Book with an i5 Core processor, 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of memory.  This is the exact model I purchased, and it is actually on sale for an even cheaper price if you are a college student!

I know it’s quite of bit of money, but I really liked the awesome feature of detaching the screen from its base and using it as a tablet!  This is by far the best windows laptop I have ever used and the build quality is similar to Apple products who sets the standard in my opinion.  I need a powerful and reliable laptop because I do a lot of work out of the office and figure I would give Microsoft a chance.

I watched a bunch of video reviews on Youtube, in which some technology experts gave their reviews of the device.  After watching about 20 videos and reading a bunch of reviews, there was no shortage of positive reviews for the Surface Book.  Initially, some of the reviews started off by mentioning there were a few bugs, but Microsoft seems to have patched most of the issues I read about online – so far I have not experienced any issues.  The Surface Book also comes with a pen to use to take notes and draw on the computer.  The pen works great and I don’t think I could ever go back to just having a regular laptop without the pen feature!

Should You Get a Warranty?

I bought the laptop at Best Buy and they tried to sell me an extended warranty plan but I decided not to take it.  I purchased the computer with my credit card, which comes with an extra year of protection for my Surface Book for FREE!

Check out our article about using your credit card as a cash alternative and add this great benefit of getting a warranty to the list of other great perks when using your credit card to make purchases.

If I had to rate the Surface Book out of 10, I would give it a 9 just because of the expensive price tag.

This is honestly by far the best windows laptop I have ever used and the build quality is similar to Apple products, which sets the standard in my opinion.  I needed a powerful and reliable laptop because I do a lot of work out of the office and am happy I gave Microsoft a chance.

I hope this helps to save you some extra cash if you’re searching for a new laptop!

Have you bought a new laptop in the last year? What laptop did you choose? Tell us about it!


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